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Clinical Consulting

I specialize in working with organizations  (both non-profit and for-profit) which are in the social services, behavioral health, and medical fields.  My education and work experience have given me a solid foundation in not only the theory behind the practice, but also the tools and understanding of how a clinical organization must function in order to survive, and thrive.  Allow yourself to focus on serving your clients, and allow me to focus on business.


My background in this field includes: a psychology degree and post-graduate level courses in psychology from Columbia University, work at The New York State Psychiatric Institute (under Dr. Carl Hart in the Substance Abuse Research Center), experience as an in-home family counselor, and 5+ years working as a Business Strategist for social services agencies and behavioral health organizations.


Specialized services for clinical, behavioral health, and social services organizations may include:


  • Data Analytics | Business Intelligence | Quality Assurance | Performance & Quality Improvement
  • For years I have watched companies make key business decisions based on perception, and not on facts.  However, once the data is presented, decisions  can be made with precision, and based on information.  If you do not yet have a data collection process in place, I can help you establish a system where your staff can seamlessly collect information on any area of your organization -  from operations, to human resources, to clinical, or financial.  Once the data collection processes and procedures have been established, I aggregate your data, and communicate the data in a report that includes charts, graphs, and interpretation of data. I will work with you and your staff every step of the way.  If needed, I can also facilitate monthly, quarterly, and annual staff meetings where the data is interpreted, discussed, and a performance improvement plan may be set out.  Goals will be made and a follow-up will be put in place where the organization's goals will be reviewed regularly.
  • State Accreditation & Licensure
  • For many clinical and social services organizations, being in business means being licensed or accredited by the state.  Receiving such accreditation is not possible without a framework of policies, procedures and practices that ensure the organization is meeting a set of standards set forth by the state.  I can help you build this foundation and receive the accreditation that you need, enabling you to move forward as a state-licensed organization, and if necessary and desired - a Medicaid provider.
  • National Accreditation
  • National accreditation is the highest level of accreditation that an organization can achieve. Many times, an organization that is nationally accredited will automatically receive "deemed status" by the state.  This means that if your organization has obtained its certification of national accreditation, you will automatically receive the state accreditation as well, with no questions asked.  As a Strategy Consultant in the clinical and social services field, I have managed such projects where my client received the highest rankings on their independent accreditation review.
  • Policy Development & Implementation
  • If you would like to build a solid foundation for your organization, we can start by developing your written policies and procedures.  This will include the development of  a tangible operations plan, and will ensure that expectations for your staff are clearly communicated.  With a foundation of operational structure put in place, your organization, your clients, and your staff will be protected, and will be enabled to flourish.
  • Insurance, Billing & Finance
  • You're billing out a good amount to insurance companies, your revenue is coming in, and your number of encounters is steadily increasing.  It all looks great from the outside, but do you know what is really happening behind those initial numbers?  How many claims are being denied, rejected, compensated incorrectly?  And for what reasons?  There may be holes in your finances where you are not aware. Perhaps you are in need of a revenue cycle management system that will track each encounter.  Perhaps you have the tools in place, but don't have someone to dig deeper and help you understand what is actually happening.  I can help you shed light on all these areas, and make sure that you maximize your potential.  I will look deeper into your billing processes and systems to ensure that you are not losing where it hurts the most - your bank account!
  • Forms & Documents
  • Your forms may the be the first contact you have with your clients, before they receive any services.  The paperwork you present will be the first impression your client will have of you.  Are you presenting your organization well?  Of even more importance, what information are you collecting?  Are you collecting the right information?  The required information?  Too much information? These are all questions you should consider. Aesthetics and function should also be taken into consideration when reviewing your forms.  I've worked with organizations which hadn't updated their forms in decades.  A photocopy of a photocopy now serves as the original!  I can help you to review all your clinical forms and documents. We will make the paperwork process as efficient as possible, so that we can reduce the amount of stress that your client may feel when completing these forms.  We will remove frivolous requests for information, and if necessary, add areas that will allow you to collect data to help understand and serve your client better.


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