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"Jessica has been a valuable resource for our company. She's thoughtful, thorough, and provides great practical strategies that have helped us continue developing as an organization."


James Hickey  ·   Queens, NY

Director, Comprehensive Counseling

"Jessica's know how  and management skills greatly surpass that of any of her peers in the industry.  She is a great asset to the company and I'm looking forward to having her back in a future venture."


Christophe Vandaele  ·   New York, NY

CEO, SBR Multisports

"Jessica has a unique ability to offer high level business solutions while working collaboratively with all members of the organization.  She is able to handle large, complex projects while addressing specific needs at all levels of the organization.  She is thoughtful, creative and continually devises strategies to improve organizational efficiency and prosperity.  In addition to her wealth of knowledge and attention to detail, she is a pleasure to work with.  I would love to work with Jessica on many projects in the future."


Elizabeth Kormesser  ·   Miami, FL

Implementation Specialist, Care Cloud

"Jessica helped to develop our vision and gave us strategies to grow our organization. She is focused and devoted to her job, and she exceeded our expectations. I look forward to working with Jessica in the future, especially for the type of projects that may seem impossible to accomplish."


Laura Nerolel  ·   Overland Park, KS

Founder, The Act of Compassion, Inc.

"Jessica produced excellent quarterly and year end reports for our organization that gave us important information indicating our strengths and weaknesses as a non-profit organization."


Peter Cade  ·  Des Moines, IA

Fund Development Coordinator, Life Line Youth Foundation

"Jessica is the best of the best."


Terry T. Robinson  ·  Des Moines, IA

Owner, Life-Line Resources, LLC

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Business consultation services that help your vision come alive and thrive.